Fundamentally, I do not view what our firm does as being uniquely special. While we take pride in our accomplishments at Pathway Financial Advisors, thousands of advisers around the country do what we do and do it well.  As I undertook the responsibility of being a trusted financial adviser and having built a practice exceeding 26 years, our firm represents the commitment to support the needs of our clients. Our mission statement is helping clients build, manage, protect, and transition wealth.

The cornerstone of our mission is our dedication to understanding the goals and expectations of our clients, staying tuned-in to personal and economic changes affecting their needs, and shaping our practice to do this well. To insure we continue to meet the expectations of our clients we:

  • Incorporate leading-edge technology and tools to define, educate, and support the needs and concerns of clients.
  • Create published plans, reports, and implementation strategies suited for them and their estate.
  • Maintain a schedule of personal portfolio reviews, at least yearly, insuring the opportunity to exchange information and ideas useful in improving performance and expectations.
  • Maintain our intense desire to learn and stay ahead of trends in our industry and investment strategies.
  • Build our firm’s intellectual foundation through trusted partners in estate planning, taxation and financial analysis.

Moreover, the litmus test of our success is the health of our practice. Over the course of 26 years, our firm consists of over 250 clients who continue to extend their trust and confidence in us and appreciate our commitment to earning that trust every day. We look forward to earning your trust and confidence.