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Our Process


How does the process work? If you are interested in becoming our client, but are not quite sure what to expect or if we offer services to meet your needs, these are the steps to take:

Step One – We meet, talk, and determine if we provide the right fit for your needs. No question is inappropriate. You must feel comfortable asking anything at all! If you would like some time to think about whether this is a right move for you, take time to consider your options. There is never any pressure. If you decide to move forward with us, we agree on the accounts and assets to be managed and sign the Agreement to work together.

Step Two – We learn more about you, your money story, and your goals through questionnaires and discussions. We review your current financial picture and provide an overall assessment. At this point we transfer your accounts to Woodbury Financial – our brokerage firm.

Step Three – We develop a customized, written investment plan, taking into consideration your responses, your investment style, your comfort level, and your future plans and goals. Once the plan is agreed upon, we begin investing on your behalf. Our team is ready to offer assistance in other financial areas as well such as retirement planning, social security strategies, divorce settlements, maximizing external financial resources (pensions, etc) with personal investment portfolios and budgeting to name just a few.

Continuing Communication - We suggest quarterly meetings during the first year to provide portfolio reports, go over your account(s), and provide education regarding investments and market activity. These meetings help reinforce our understanding of your long term goals and your risk tolerance, allowing us to tweak your investment plan as needed. We also send out regular correspondence on topics of interest translating current events from Wall Street-ease into language you can understand. After the first year, you may continue to meet quarterly if you choose or schedule semi-annual meetings. Phone calls and emails are ongoing as needed.